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071 Larry Lujack

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The Tributes and Obits page was inspired by a year of too many passing on.  I will admit I have been inspired most by Radio Media. I have been fortunate to have been on the air as either a paid air talent or in studio guest on seven different radio stations,  two in Minnesota, four in Illinois.  I have also been a caller to more stations both local and national.

I have waited to start this page, because I was not sure how to approach it.  This year alone we have lost Jake Hartford, Don Wade and now Larry Lujack.

I am taking the obvious with a tribute to Larry Lujack.  While he is known most as a Disk Jockey and morning host at WLS AM Chicago back in the 60’s through 80’s, don’t forget, he was the first to go to another station for more money when he went to WCFL.  And these were afternoon gigs, the big one before they tried to unseat Wally Phillips at WGN and the morning became the radio battle ground.  When living in Minnesota in the 80’s and coming back for Chicago visits, more than not we positioned our driving to catch your show just southe east of Rockford, Illinois.

editorial-pinups.com is one of the results of this inspiration.  A way to take my talents and do on the internet what Larry did on the radio.  Radio has always been in the back of my mind and I had the opportunity to do it, and now put up with much boring radio and uninspired stuff on the air.  I may have the opportunity to do it again.  

Larry, thanks for the inspiration!  That is becoming some talent pool at the great station in the sky as you join Don Vogel, Jake, and Don.  Dad, you got some good listening up there.

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