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091 shame on you

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Since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, the losers have been trying every tactic they could to derail "Making America Great Again" and remove president Trump.  The opposition has done everything they could to cause failure.

During the election cycle of 1992, Then senator Joe Biden said that the process should be delayed until the new president was elected.  At that time there were no vacancies.

In 2016 Senate Republicans decided to follow the "Joe Biden Rule" and did not have a hearing on Merrick Garland. Of course this angered the opposition.

So they decide after the committee confirmation process, they could not find anything wrong that would prevent them from honestly voting for confirmation.  So they try the Anita Hill trick.  Worse yet, unsubstantiated with no collaborating witness allegations of sexual misconduct.  35 years old.  High School.  During the "Porkies", "Revenge of the Nerds", "Animal House" era.

Delays to testify requested.  Lawyers that are working pro bono. (What was in that envlope that Shelia Jackson Lee gave to one of Ford's lawyers?)  Pictured with George Soros in the past.  (Ok, so Trump was pictured with the Clintons.)  One lawyer pictured following Hillarly Clinton around in the past.  

During the delays come two more unsubstantiated allegations.  One allegation that describerd rape parties attended by a high school graduate, Julie Swetnick.  Looking at the description, I get the impression that she was the organizer to line up the female participants. This by the way is one of the common fantasy story lines in Adult Films. Accuser number two quickly determined that her story was so filld with holes that she was not going to come close to that hearing room.

Worst of all, Diane Feinstein knew about this at a time when it could have been investigated on a timely basis.  Her excuse, Ford did not want to go public.  Stupid ass Feinstein, that is what a redacted FBI report is all about.  Ford could have had her identity protected. You created her. You control her.

This is a major setback for Women's Rights.  But the hard left Democrats only use their designated groups as pawns to shove their leftist socialistic, one world agenda down America's throat.

After hearing testimony today, I say this. Lindsey Graham is correct.  Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

And Please Please Americans, Please don't vote anyone in assiated with these people.

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