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125 Checkbook Journalism

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125 Checkbook Journalism

125 Checkbook Journalism

It used to be said that to guarantee your news placement and journalistic favor, buy advertising on the media outlet then threaten to pull out if you do not get the favorable stories published.

This is similar. Something happened November 3, 2020.  We have learned from Dinesh D'Souza how unattended ballot drop boxes were filled by paid hacks. Various whistle blowers from all over the country defined improprieties all over the country with specific concentration on certain swing states. Certain voting tabulation systems were used in the swing states.  Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, researched and has his evidence.  

The courts refused to do their job as the came up with legal rule bullshit to not hear cases or hear specific information presented to show the problematic inconsistencies.

I have worked with computer since I was in high school in the early 1970’s.  Many observations of the election were red flags in my mind.  The biggest red flag was how does a corpse, and we use the term corpse as Biden campaigned from his basement, six feet under, the depth of a grave. Donald Trump got more votes that any incumbent in history.  House seats were flipped to Republican.  Too many down votes did not match the party of the president.  The mainstream media was totally left. The alternate media and citizen media outlets were specifically different in reporting.

Some media outlets gave time to people stating the evidence of a problem.  Many medial outlets decided to bash the other media.  So a company in the reports that show there was a problem, decide to sue instead of prove their product.

Using the bully of a shopped around courts, Dominion Systems decided to news outlets and those reporting what they saw.  Dominion sues for a large amount of money a company that has that amount and then some in cash.  They decide to set provisions of the contesting of the suit to be such that the company decides to settle for less out of course.

With that, no discovery.  No pressing of Dominion Systems to prove that their tabulation equipment could not change votes, manipulate counts, and allow outside hacking. Fox had every right to present what they did. First amendment protections allow for investigative reporting and forcing vendors selling equipment to specifically identify what the capabilities of their equipment and how to prevent digital intrusion.

Editorialpinpups.com is on record that many things tainted the 2020 presidential elections.  All must be fixed before too many more elections are being used with this process.

Hiding behind lawsuit will not fix anything!  Media outlets giving in destroy their credibility!

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