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139 Haley would be George H W Bush

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139 Haley would be George H. H. Bush

This sounds familiar.  Two Republicans who fought each other to be President who had different ideas on a key subject and the one who lost the bid was selected to be Vice President. This smacks very much of 1980 when Ronald Reagan defeated George H. W. Bush.  The establishment Republicans wanted Bush and felt his connections to the mainstream would bring in more money to the campaign. This after calling Reagan's economic plan Voodoo economics.  After 8 years of economic recovery from Carter and continued economic growth, Bush gets in with his New world order crap, has the Kuwait incident happens, goes to war with Desert Storm, and the economy goes south.

But he had the donor money.

Haley sounds like a clone copy, Donor ties, donors to give money as long as it is not Trump, but she does have this tremendous contrarian when it comes to ongoing wars. She is far opposite the Abraham accords, creating working relationships with leadership of countries that may not be nice, but can be reasonable, and recognize the true evil governments.

We have seen this before!

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