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135 james engoron

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135 james engoron

135 james engoron

1969 was the last time I was in New York.  I have no desire to go there again.  The state is trying to compete with Illinois, Oregon, Washington State and California to be the most idiotic state.  New York has just taken the lead.

We had learned in business law class that if a fraud is perpetuated, there must be a damaged party.  

The example goes like this.  Frank has a bicycle to sell.  Sarah has a desire to buy a bicycle.  Frank advertised the bicycle to sell on a picture card at the grocery store selling the bicycle for $200.  Sarah saw the ad and contacts Frank with the desire to purchase the bicycle.  She comes over with the $200 sees the bicycle, checks it out, and knowing with previous knowledge from research that $200 buys the bicycle.

In every state I live that is a deal done.

But this transaction happened in New York State.  While having a drink on a night out, Sarah is telling her friends about this great bicycle that she bought.  Harry the Hagler sitting eight tables over hears the conversation.  He says that she should have only paid $100 for the bicycle.  Sarah said the price and transaction was good.  But Harry finds out that Frank sold the bicycle, goes to Leticia James who then comes after Frank, arrests him and charges him with Fraud.

The case goes before judge Engoron who immediately says he values the bicycle at $100 before Sarah is able to talk to the court and have Frank also tell of the value of the bicycle.  Engoron says Frank committed fraud and threatens to take away his ability to sell bicycles or for that matter anything and says there will be a big fine.

Engoron says that thee will be a hearing to determine the penalty.  At that hearing Sarah and Frank both say that it is worth every penny paid and have no problems with the deal. In fact, Sarah said she would buy another bicycle from Frank if the opportunity arose.

If you now do not understand what New York attorney general Leticia James and judge Engoron have done to Trump, I invite you to move to Manhattan and live under that crap.  I will pass and I hoe that the appeal process is not tainted either.

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