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046 construction now

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I saw what was being planned by the city of Moline, Illinois back in August this year, 2014, and said what kind of timing is this.  First they made the assumption that the Centennial bridge over the Mississippi River would be completed by just after Labor Day then this construction would begin.  Of course, the Centennial was not completed and took over another month to complete.  So we have the backups by eliminating one entrance and exit from Iowa and to Iowa, and we have an excess of traffic coming.

But that aside, it is just plain cold out there in November.  That cement that they are going to pour will have risk of being flawed.  Cement does not like to be cold before it gets durable.

And even though the ground is not frozen, it is starting.  That will cause additional problems as the ground warms next spring and starts shifting.

Yes, you think Briella is cold, I think she stands a better chance of longevity than that road will.

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