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121 The Video Says Otherwise

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121 The Video Says Otherwise

                                121 The Video Says Otherwise
Editorialpinups.com has been on record that the 2020 presidential elections had problems and with all that has been seen so far the impression is that the votes reported did not accurately portray the true results of the election.  We also noted that the judiciary sat on their hands because of alleged legal technicalities.  In other words, when judges do not want to do their job, they create a situation to vacate their duties.

Evidence presented by a plethora of witness pointed to problems.  Simultaneous pause in counting of votes in swing states was questionable at best.  Dinesh D’Sousa’s movie 2000 mules shows tactile integrity voting violations.  Technical information found and presented by Mike Lindell has strong merit. The fact that Dominion Voting Machine company has sued but the case is being dragged out to avoid public discovery is highly interesting.  The mainstream media, social media, and government cover-up of the Biden crime syndicate, specifically the Hunter Biden laptop evidence and story

But best yet is the statement of plausibility. The Democrats ran a corpse.  A body that rarely emerged from six feet under (well close, many basements are that far below grade, but 4 to 5 feet are average) garnered the most votes in the history of presidential elections? The guy cannot talk, is shepherded around like a puppet, Well, the puppet thing is plausible perhaps in a strange way I suppose, but I digress.

So as a combination of showing support for then President Donald Trump (I consider the office vacated at this point), a desire to try one last chance to convince the House and Senate to look at the quality of vote counts and raise objections (sorry kids, it is in the constitution), and try to convince their representatives that it looked cooked, many people went to Washington D.C. to protest in front of the Capitol.   

What happened next  and the day before is full of questions.  Reports of people who were there are a bit inconsistent.  We do know that people went into the capitol starting while then President Trump was still speaking. Some said they were invited in by Capitol Police. Others reportedly moved barriers and crashed the place.  Inside, many were well behaved.  But there were others that were not.

One person died in that melee.  An unarmed woman.  Shot by a Capitol Officer.

With the exception of the killing, there is camera footage of the Capitol from a variety of angles.  More than one could imagine.  Requests for this footage were denied by the Pelosi Crime Syndicate. A Kangaroo Court was created.  Only select one sided video was presented.

It is also important to note that these video footages were not allowed to be used January 6 defendants.

Editorialpinups.com has noted that one way to distort news stories is not by what is shown but what is omitted.  What was shown in Tucker Carlson’s report is what was omitted in the Pelosi’s goon squad January 6 commission.  Did Tucker omit? Yes.  He omitted what was already shown.  Therefore the calls that all get the tape.  And that will probably happen in time.  

Speaking of video, I want to see all of the raw footage that Nancy Pelosi’s daughter took.  Why?  To see what access she had.  This will help explain the excuse for a screwed up security level that day which was in the control of Nancy Pelosi.

Kevin McCarthy now speaker of the house decided to release the Video to Tucker Carlson of Fox News.  Why Tucker Carlson?  Not sure why.  I would like all to have it, and that may happen, but this is a start. Watch here and tell me whet you see!  

Compelling.  Now Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell want it stopped.  A few others, both Democrat and Rino are bitching. Whoopee Goldberg is trying to discredit. All Tucker did was play footage and describe situations that were counter to the two year narrative. Schumer wants Fox News to tell Tucker to stop.  Schumer, you have no position to say that.  And when you are on my payroll, can it.  Talk outside of the Senate Chamber.  Your first amendment rights are outside of the chamber.

And one last note!  WHO IS RAY EPPS?  Why is he not in jail?  He seemed to be the ring leader of attacking the capital!

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