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092 sotua, what bullshit

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092 sotua, what bullshit

092 sotua, what bullshit

The Corpse (Biden) administration bragged about job growth.  Unfortunately, he started by firing peole building a pipeline, he fired people building the wall on the southern boarder, he fired poeple who would not get the synthetic MRNA jab, which slowed down the fastest recovery in the country's history.

Anyone notice the disrespect of this country?  North Korea lobbing bombs, Iran bolstering nukes, the Ukraine-Russia malaise, Red China floating balloons and threatening neighbors along with many other underhanded operations they specialize in.

Remember when we were energy dependent?  We do.

Mandating the useless synthetic MRNA jab.

A southern boarder that open.  He wants new laws on immigration.  Enforce what we have in place.  If it is an issue of laws, Congress does that.  Corpse, our job is to enforce.

Inflation.  You sounded like an accountant who got caught embezeling funds from the employer.  It is here and it is big.

Possible recession on the front.  Watch it, the big spending proposed and rammed through the last session mainly passed by liberal Democrats, bullet!

Shove the greeny weeny force crap down your arse.  When the technology is matured enough and cost effective it will happen.  Also, know how science works.  Carbon is not all bad.

You and your family are corrupt. Your administration decisions show that you are bought and paid for.

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