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037 michelles old job

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As long as we are on employment, it is important to look at the first couple.  We know that Mr. Resident, Barack Obama, has never been in the position to make a payroll.  We know of him as a politician, community activist, not much else.  Mrs. Obama had a very interesting career in the medical industry.  One of many Vice-Presidents at the University of Chicago hospitals, specifically a Vice President of External and Community Affairs, she made upwards at one point $316,962 (factcheck.org).  First, let me state that I could care less how much she made as fare as the amount of the salary.  I do care that she made this kind of money from an industry that is part of those that cannot contain costs.  Second, and this is the thing that bugs many of us is that she made this money, had this job, then when she leaves to become first lady, the University of Chicago decides that the job is no longer necessary.  Were they going to fire her due to lack of need for the job?  Did she get the job in the first place for political connections?  After all, there was quite a large grant that happened during this tenure, a "$1 million earmark for the UC Medical Center" back in 2006 (factcheck.org).  Here is one applicant who is firmly disappointed!

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