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084 not hillary

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It is election time again.  We have gone through the past two elections and lived through the statements that if you do not vote for Barack Obama, you are racist.  If you do not agree with Barack Obama on the issues, you are racist.  Even though Barack Obama had never run a business, never made a payroll, avoided any significant votes in any of the elected positions, if you point that out, you are racist.  If you ask to see the President's College Transcripts, you are racist (Damn you Modern Woodmen!).
In this next election cycle, may I please disagree with Hillary Clinton?  Will I be considered sexist if I ask about Benghazi? Will I be sexist if I ask about her alleged charitable organization and how contributions affected her decisions in the State Department?  Will I be sexist if I ask here about this rogue email server?  Will I be sexist if I asked why she did not return to Arkansas after her husband's presidency and became a carpet bagger in New York State?
I'll take a candidate that will play with everyone, the boys and girls, without taking a duck on the sexism accusations, racism accusations, homophobic accusations,... because, it is not your gender that I disagree with you, it is your ideas and your past work that causes my disgust for you in this race.

Go back to Park Ridge!

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