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074 Escape from Blue

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074 Escape from Blue

Going on two years no we have witnessed an assault on our immune system and Blue State Governors, mayors, and county leaders become medical tyrants.  The have aligned with the President Alleged, the corpse, Joe Biden.  They have embraced the false message of Anthony Fauci (I no longer call him doctor). They are using CCP style tactics to force people to do things that is against nature and their will; mandatory masks, forcing the useless jab, telling businesses how to run their businesses and closing them if they do not follow their tyrannicidal dictates.

I live five days a week in Iowa.  I go to Illinois two days a week.  The moment I cross the Mississippi River I dread going anywhere.  Face diapering to go into Walmart and dirty looks given if you don't. I do get to places where they say up yours Pritzker, but that is no way to live.  Chicago is even worse between the Medical Tyranny and the shootings, who wants to be around that!

This Tyranny is causing people to argue with those they have not argued with in the past. This Tyranny is causing people to realize that their dreams of hard work is coming down.  People payed off their houses thinking that they can live in normality and piece while Blue Ass Blowhards are making dictatorial mandates; diapering your face with materials that are scientifically proven to do nothing; preventing you from seeing people rendering our grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and other elderly friends to take on the appearance of zoo animals; letting people die lonely deaths with no visitors; stealing access to proven medicines that are not Fauci and FDA approved contrary to an order that Trump signed saying you were at your own risk to choose a medicine that is not approved;  threatening you with imprisonment of sorts when you refuse to have another experimental serum under the guise of a vaccine while it is not a vaccine blasted into your blood stream;  saying enogh is enough forcing people to uproot even under financial sacrifice and penalty. I saw this happen in the sixties because of stupidity by people, now I see it being perpetuated by dope ass politicians in the likes of Lightfoot, Garcetti, the disappointing Adams who took over for the ever idiotic de Blasio.  Blue Region Medical Tyranny!

You hear positive words by real people when names like Desantis, Noem, Reynolds, Abbott and you hear negative words when names such as Pritzker, Newsom, Hochul, Wolfe, Whitmer. During the 2020 election cycle in Illinois the second most popular political sign in people's yards was Pritzker sucks (Trump signs were number one).  Big city mayors are killing their populations with mandates causing police to say enough, I am out of here.

The three most locked down states are the three that have lost population at the highest amounts and are blue.  U-Haul shows a lack of available one way trailers as they leave those areas and people are not coming in.
Throughout this messy era, Blue Region Governors, Mayors, political leaders, school board members have gone overboard.  People have literally lost their shirts, jobs, careers, sanity, have become suicidal, drug addicts, angry, violent. They have lost what should have been happy times!  Leaving what they had worked for for years.

But not so much in Red regions.  Iowa, Florida, Texas, South Dakota... Open.  NO mask mandates, no jab mandates.  Protection from federal jab and mask mandates.  Businesses open.  People migrating there.
Understanding of adult decision.

Yes, They are leaving blue states and going to red states!  Thank the Lord for Red States!

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