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098 Against the Narrative

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In the current societal environment the federalist papers would never never exist. Television shows such as All in the Family, the Jeffersons, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mash, and more would be banned. Movies such as Blazing Saddles, Silver Streak, Animal House, Star Wars, and Guess Who is Coming to Dinner wouldn’t get to Hulu let alone the big screen.

After three years of the Mainstream media giving a false narrative with the Trump administration, after Red China signs the agricultural portion of the trade negotiations, the Alleged Virus, originally called the Wuhan virus, gets inflicted on the free world.  The World Health Organization of which at the time the United States funded more than others became a mouthpiece of the Red Chinese government.

President Trump who through his first three years in office managed to minimize Washington DC Bureaucrats involvement all of a sudden picks two of the most dangerous swamp dwellers, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Debora Birx (married to a Clinton operative) along with the rest of the Centers of Disease Control to take the United States through the Virus process.  The first thing out of Fauci’s mouth was vaccine. Birx played along.  There was no big push to look at remedy and cure.

New York governor and swamp dweller Andrew Cuomo starts yelling ventilators, ventilators!  We need ventilators.  Then he says there are not enough hospital rooms. So president Trump gets ventilators and hospital beds to New York.

Fauci has been back and forth on the mask issue. Then President Trump gets ripped for not wearing a mask.  Then he wears a mask, and gets the Virus.  I checked with a healthcare worker.  Can the Virus be planted on the mask and then it infects you.  But you did not hear that in the media.

Fauci throws out a first pitch (and quite a pathetic one at that) then is seen sitting within 6 feet of other people with said mask off.  Speaking of masks, opinion, they do not do a damn thing.  Fact, too many people wearing masks go to their face with their hand more than Gaylord Perry ever did in a 9 inning baseball game (yes kids, a complete game, used to be the norm). With almost 90 percent of America, how do we explain the spread of the virus?  Well, people get the virus on their outer mask then touch the mask with their hands then touch their nose or mouth.  More to come in a future pinup regarding masks.

Then real doctors (when have Fauci or Birx last seen a patient) start reporting cures and cure rates.  Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter remove the posts.  Mainstream media started to present then were told to stop.

The rules of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter seem to imply that you are contrary to the narrative, your ass is grass.  They say do not talk about the things we say not to talk about.  We will sensor you. Just post what we say you can post.

We are at the point that we as a society bring up legitimate difference of opinion, look out.  You will be hammered.

But we will keep the difference going! Proceed with caution, talk with a different version of English, and try to stick around!

Addendum May 5, 2021:

First,  Donald Trump was not reinstated to Facebook and Instagram.

Second, I was reading an article, The Ball, in the March 2021 Sports Illustrated Magazine. The article discusses a scientist Dr. Meredith Wills, a middle aged with an astrophysics Ph.D. who has performed five independent examinations of baseballs and the differences between the number and types of home runs hit in various seasons. Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has been accused of juicing the ball in hopes that home runs would attract more viewers to the game.   

On page 53 and I quote,”She (Dr. Wills) is eager for her studies to be reproduced- as is common for scientists – but she is unaware of any public attempts. Manfred mostly seems aggrieved when asked to address the issue. “If we make a decision to change the baseball,” he said in July 2019. ‘We’ve gone back to the scientists and said,’we need to figure out why [this is happening].’””

The Virus players don’t want other scientists, or in thise case doctors, to have a substantiated part in learning what is happening.  Fauci wants to control it all.


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