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086 hillarys server

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You would think that the geniuses who are in Congress would really know how to investigate an incident.  Take for instance the Hillary Clinton private email server.  They keep asking Hillary the questions.  Yes, I know that that is valid, but if I really wanted an answer regarding that email server, I would be getting a Subpoena on the IT Tech who was maintaining the server. Now, it could be more than just one person, but by bringing in the IT Tech(s), you can get those emails in a position to be viewed or at least get to some of the context.  In other words, it can be determined who that server was for.  Hillary said it was Bill's initially.  I don't believe that, they don't see each other that much.  then she said it was for convenience, to get all emails to the same phone.
Malarkey, I have ten different email addresses feeding my phone.
Yes Trey Gowdy, get in the IT Tech underSubpoena.  Then you can suck the truth out of Hillary...providing she has a clue to what the truth is.  In the mean time, I am sure the IT Tech is not on the pay grade to want to cover Hillary's butt!

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