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061 daddy is retiring

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When Daddy hinted at retiring.

Well, I warned you.  It is not race.  It is ideology.  Perhaps not even that.  I know.  It is that President Obama says he wants to work together then goes on the road and slams his opponents. But let us learn that this is the Illinois way.  No Republicans are needed in Illinois. Just a blood line. You see, Michael Madigan, daddy, said this is his last term.  It is known that the current Governor is not popular, but popular enough to beat the republican opponent.  But Lisa no longer has to protect daddy. She can now run for governor.  At least she is still holding her looks. Must get them from her mother. I know of businesses that get away with paying their bills like the state of Illinois.  Ouch!!!!!  I can't.  Watch, the feds may be next with the buffoonery in office!  

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