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092 Whats next

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So the federal government was shut down for thirty some days. Non-essential functions.

Strange as it seems, during that time I submitte4d for a passport and it came to me.  Passports essential?

Air Traffic Controllers not being paid?  Non-essential?  TSA agents non-essential?  Coast Guard non-esssential?  Military non-essential?

Many of these worked without pay.  Legislators and Senators, who haven't done their jobs and their staffs are paid?  The supreme court judges paid?

Problems wiht the border go back a while.  In the past Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton and Obama voted for parts of a wall on the southern border.  Most likely at a time that it did not matter, just like McCain voted all thos time s to abolish Obamacare and when it mattered and counted he welched.

The governmet is back open. What we need to do is have the Legislators and Senators and their staffs work without pay and get stuff done.  Then maybe, just maybe we might pay them pay them.

The president you ask?  He hasn't taken a pay check.  Gives them away.  May be why he has accomplished and kept more campaign promises than the last for presidents combined!

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