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115 Why Dropping Dead

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                                115 Why Dropping Dead

What I find is appalling is that just pointing out that the alleged virus vaccine that is not a vaccine under the pre-2021 vaccine definition is having a negative outcome on a variety of people. These people include Canadian doctors who are forced to get the unproven jabs, college and high school athletes and cheer leaders who were forced to get the jabs, young professional athletes forced to get the jabs in order to participate, young otherwise strong military members, Runners, swimmers, soccer players, hockey players.  

Then we also have musicians including Eric Clapton who had been at least temporarily impaired.

Why the hell can we not be honest and research and ask these questions?  Why do those who are jabbed feel compelled to argue with you and try to shut people down trying to hold the discussions.  Why with all that has been and is being continued to be reported can we not have an honest discussion?  Why did they try to shut up the front line doctors?

Why do they not want us to wonder why these young people are dying after the jab?

Science is founded and based upon asking questions?

Corruption is based on hindering science.  And no, Fauci is not science.


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