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042 paws long gone money

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There has been so much discussion about where our politicians have placed their investments.  When I was younger the FDIC limit was I think about $100,000.  Of course, back then $100,000 was worth just a bit more.  But that aside, let's talk about investments.  Current reports say that people are using banks less.  Some reasons include not enough take home cash.  But also, as shown in the 1993 "The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies", where Jed Clampett had lost his fortune and went back home to Bugtussle, because it was all in one place, and Milburn Drysdale had ripped Jed off.  If Jed were smart, he would not have put it all in Mr. Drysdale's bank, he would have spread it around, even invested in a Swiss bank account or two, and would be with Elly May in California...or maybe Bugtussel, but not shooting for food, taking it out of the freezer!

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