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100 Face the Music

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100 Face the Music

100 Face the Music

Former President Donald Trump has been bombarded with false accusations while at the same time many on the left are getting away with very questionable stuff.

From Swalwell with Fang Fang to Pelosi's January 6 antics, her husbands very convenient stock deals, Schiff's constant lying and presentation of false information trying to get Trump to start.  The Clintons with their history of corruption and  the amount of those who have been associated that just happened to experience death by suicide. Mayorkas is a piece of crap with what has happened to the southern boarder on his watch. Comey and Wray with their weaponizing of the FBI.  Clapper is not immune to wrongdoing.  Holder was a gun runner and Garland has used the DOJ as a weapon against the opponents of the Democrat party.

Now there are the Bidens!  Money passes and they cannot say their product. Hunter and Ashley do not seem to pay taxes.  Drug usage. Joe said he got a prosecutor fired in the Ukraine do protect a company from corruption investigations. Shady deals with his brother fleecing government funds.

There are others also. The question is, will they face the music for these questionable  activities!

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