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President Obama has bragged about his alleged $69 million in savings by nationalizing, yes, nationalizing the student loan program.  First, lets understand the real purpose of the modern student loan program.  College prices have been drastically inflated by various government college programs and also by out of control college and trade school administrations.  Second, there are many college majors trade school careers that are not money makers for the student to justify the high cost.  And, with family incomes having taken a bath in the last four years, there is even less money for higher education.  This is unlike 33 years ago when I graduate college.  I needed a few extra dollars my senior year to bridge the gap.  I went to my bank at the time, the Ford City Bank in Chicago, met with a banker,and was able to get a small student loan.  When there was a change in the terms of the loan, which was rare, I would get a letter from my bank, and even a phone call if it was major, and any adjustments were made.  Questions on the loan, I could just pop down to the bank and talk with a person.  And back then, I could even go on Sunday!  Now, an email is sent, if the automatic payment form the bank is not altered, you are considered late.  Try to call, restricted hours for calling.  Email, they seem to always send vague responses.  Do you want your health insurance handled this way?

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