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The problem with the Mainstream media.

Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus other wise known as
The problem with the Mainstream media.
I was once a member of the main stream media. Not the big papers or electronic media, but a correspondent for the Moline Dispatch and radio news reporter for the former  WGEN radio Geneseo Illinois, WJRE and WKEI radio Kewanee Illinois.

Prior to that my forays into journalism was journalism class in high school where with two of my friends and classmates we published for the class a mix of news and parody including advertising in the Ding-A-Ling Gazette, wrote three articles for the one which was a book review of Jonathon Livingston Seagull.  

I had written letters to the editor on a variety of subjects using my pen name, R. Jackson Doobier and called in to a few radio talk shows.  I had been a guest on a radio station in Peoria in college dressed as a clown for campus carnival and twice a guest on KSTP AM 1500 St. Paul Minnesota.

It was my very first radio gig that I learned the difference between news and editorial.  It was small town radio.  I had learned radio listening to the large market stations having grown up in suburban Chicago during the AM Rock era of WLS, WCFL, WMAQ, and WIND (yes they all tried it at the same time) and during the early days of independently owned FM stations. The likes of Wally Phillips, Larry Lujack, Clark Weber, Art Roberts, Bob Sirot.  I could not tell you who the FM guys were, they played the music and stayed off of the ramp.  I learned radio news from hearing WSNS and AM 780.

I learned interfiew radio from Larry King, Jim Bohannon, Michael Jackson (not the singer), and more.

It was at the mighty AM 1070 KMOM Monticello Minnesota from 10 pm to midnight Friday and Saturday nights for six months I learned radio on the job. I was told I could do what I wanted as long as I did not put the owners FCC standing in jeopardy. I knew you couldn’t swear on the air, but the rest was on the job training.

I specialized in finding obscure news items and book authors.  I learned in journalism class to ask who, what, where, why when, and how.  Common sense told me to see what was missing. For instance, I would see and hear news stories involving single parents. Since I wondered what about the other parent, I would ask and report. Other media sources never bother to tell even if they knew.  By omitting the existence of the other parent a single parent story becomes more emotional. By omitting the whereabouts of the other parent did not tell the complete story.

The purpose of reporting the news is to strictly give an account of what is happening. It is actually quite unexciting if done correctly.

Editorial however is entertaining.  It is used to give viewpoint.  Methods of editorial can be used to display portions of news to show or confirm your point of view.  Editorial can be made to look like news. Editorial needs facts for basis, otherwise it is pure fiction and the same as a comic book.

The mainstream media has become an editorial service.  Take each news article and ask yourself, who, what, when, where, why, and how.  Look for omissions.  Look for the omissions. Then ask why the omissions. You will see media corruption.
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