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068 Alleged

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The alleged Virus.  The even more alleged vaccine.  Go out and get your jab.

There is no ingredient list. Pfizer has not even disclosed all of the contents of the jab. Pfizer is not even the distributor.

There has been so much bullshit by the government, the main stream media, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.  There has been communication shutdown.  Doctors with results were shut down and threatened.  

We find out there are very successful treatments.  We find idiots in charge.

Here is my summary. Masks do nothing other than create an induction into the mask groups. It is still questionable in how it transmits.  I have a thought. Hand sanitizer has been around for a number of years.  Hmmm.  The alleged virus does not just come out after 10 pm.  Deep barroom conversation happens after 10 pm. Interesting how bars got closed down.

The Jab does nothing positive.  Israel is the most Jabbed country on the earth.  The alleged virus is coming in droves! The Jab still has not had all of the ingredients published.

The alleged virus was used to steal an election and put in the White House a Corpse and a political Whore, gave just enough of a majority to the house, and screwed up he balance of the Senate.  Somehow more down ballots survived.  Along with them has come as bunch of idiots and corrupters.

Now they are suggesting a vaccine passport.  This must be fought!  It is bullshit.

There is something else going on.  Fight it, find it out, keep publishing it!

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