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046 we can fix this

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The economy was more than soft.  Unemployment started creeping up hitting.  The Mid-East conflict had been getting old and drawn out. Then Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama comes in.   He thought he could government his way in to solve every problem.  More money borrowed to allegedly create stimulus.  Targeting the green industry and other business types of a socialistic flavor.  Hindering the use of natural resources right in our own back yard.  Creating regulations that prevent us from doing certain types of business.  When he could not get something through Congress he would bully is way through with executive order.  The result?  the highest unemployment in our country's history.  Unemployment statistics being reduced by people getting out of the work force.  You wonder what else will be broken on his watch before he can fix it.  And, is the concept of of creating class warfare that is being bantered about so very similar to the definition of the bourgeoisie that Marx used in the The Communist Manifesto.  Mr. Ryan says the system can be fixed.  If this were major league baseball and Mr. Obama was a right handed pitcher, he would be a coach in the minors by now.  If he were left handed, he would at lease be sent down to the minors.

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