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039 illinois pension solution

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The senate and house passed it. The governor sighed it. Temporarily it will be law.

Unfortunately it is unconstitutional according to the Illinois constitution.  Big deal.  The biggest problem is that it does not address the larges abuse of the problem, the fact that the state has not made their share of the payments into the pension funds.  

So the political solution is to get the non-member populace to say how unfair the pensions are, declare that they were forced into the federal government scam called 401K  plans and demand that the union employees take something less than promised and agreed upon. They passed a solution that is unconstitutional in the State of Illinois, does not address the initial problem that the payments were not made and back payments are due, and makes no plan to catch them up.

What is the constant through all of this? Not which party held the governorship. No, that has changed. The constant has been that criminal Michael Madigan whose daughter is forced to stay attorney general to keep him out of jail!

And this is how the Federal Bums under the current Illinois Chicago Democrat are operating!

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