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096 Why all this war and realigning

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096 Why all this war and realigning?

096 Why all this War and Realigning?

We went from four years with out war to continuous warring hot spots all over the globe. We went from a president who called the Ukraine President to investigate undermining corruption and promising to keep Russia out to a president who is destroying the US Military because of weakness. Red China positioning to take over Taiwan.  North Korea lobbing bombs near Japan.

Countries aligning with Red China and discussing moving their currency exchanges through China direct.  This long time allies and trading partners on most continents.

A comatose corpse acting as an alleged president.  Installed through corruption. Allowing corruption to run rampant in the federal government. Many that could correct this action in power refuse as it may cut into their power. Too many of these clowns in power cannot be called citizen legislators.  They have worked no other jobs.  Not in government, they have no ability to make a dollar.

We have a toxic atmosphere driven by the agenda of the corpse started and most likely controlled by the big eared clown Barack Hussein Obama.

This is not what our for fathers envisioned.  They also did not envision a country dependent on other countries for our basic needs.  A corpse that is doing everything he can to make the country Dependent.  As a country we should never be dependent.  We should not have a government that dictates items that we do not have in the interest of some thing that does not exist in the form the decry.

As a country we have to pull together before it is too late.  We must teach people how the failed evils of the Soviet Union are being implemented in in the United States.

The United States had a unique creation.  People all over the world want to come here. So much so that many try to break the law to get in.  We must enforce our borders, but retain the unique creation!

Somebody in the Congress had best get some balls to put this mess to an end! Only then will be get back to those four years of no wars and extend for longer!

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