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066 it is in there somewhere

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The ACA or Obamacare, has proved to be one of the most interesting exercises in government futility.  They tried to tell us that we could keep our own plans.  They lied.  Many plans did not fall under the alleged minimum.  They never said that my existing plan would have to meet the minimum, that is, the President, Mr. Obama, just said I could keep my doctors, my plan, my sanity.  They also said that we won’t know what is in the ACA bill until the legislation was passed.  

So President Obama says we can do all these things, then we found out that he knew that was not true at all.  Explains all of the exemptions.  The unions, Congress, the subsidies, nutszoid!

The the President says we can get our old plans back.  How can he do that?  The insurance companies, the states,   Then we find out that if we can get the plan back, the cost is drastically more than wanted.  What a crock!
I know that it is in there somewhere, it is now if I can afford it!

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