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090 know business

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I started my first business in 1984.  It was a computer business selling multi-user small business computer systems.  Unfortunately, a low powered computer called the IBM PC came out and the big behemoth Arthur Anderson Public Accountants said all small businesses could run their businesses flipping floppy disks.  My product was better, but my voice was not understood.  

On my first radio show at the big AM-1070 KMOM Monticello Minnesota, a guest in describing running a business said there was no school in the world that could teach her what it was to run a business.  With that in mind, we have a businessman running for the President of the United States.

Business people start, run, buy, and sell businesses.  They also have to close businesses when they no longer are viable.  Ask my grandfather 70 years ago at his hardware store why he was no longer making horse collars.  Something about the automobile.

More people are employees than business people. Schools are designed to create employees.  Than Merrill seminars and Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars discuss this.  Therefore they exist to teach you how to be a business person. A good business person must listen, observe, know the rules and play by them, try to get bad laws changed, and also point out bad laws and bad people.

There will be protests by people who may have lost their jobs due to the business cycle.  I have personally lost jobs due to incompetent management.  I move on.  I learn. I am still learning business.  And I try my best not to be the incompetent that I have lived through.

I suggest to everyone out there world wide, educate yourself on business, the schools were and are not equipped to do it.

One other note, the Clinton Foundation is a business. The foundation in theory could have a point in its cycle that it no longer has a need to exist.  All charities have this factor in their existence.

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