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031 ron paul

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The mistake the young college crowd made in the 2008 elections was a simple one to make.  They were told the those who were part of the "L" word would allow them to do their thing without infringing on their freedoms.  Well, it seems that the "L"iberals just want to control people in the same spirit of the social conservatives, either by legislation or by payments.  

The popularity of Ron Paul amoung the younger voters helped open my eyes as they were back in 1980 when I voted for Ed Clark for president.  The conservatives are generally right on when it comes to fiscal issues.  However, it is the conservative social issues that do not bode well in a country that as Bill Murray stated in the movie Stripes, and I paraphrase, We have been kicked out of every country in the world.  The United States has always had a corrective action for itself when we have forgotten to leave people alone.  Ron Paul's ideas seem to connect in this spirit.  The youngsters have discovered what I believe is the way, and we can include Jesse Ventura in this to as we are bascially "L"ibertarians!  This was Ron Paul's part as was described in a previous pinup.

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