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The Wuhan Virus and it’s second cousin the Delta Variant were on the surface not good.  Many have survived, over 98%.  But somewhere along the way there was this thought that there is only one science and one way.  This unfortunately hurt the treatment of the Wuhan Virus at the beginning.  All in the name of a vaccine.  A vaccine that is not a vaccine by the true definition of vaccine.

Doctors presented their results of treatments and Fauci shouted down and wrong, social media deleted tweets, videos, and postings.  Some practitioners were fired. Some were called nasty names and had their reputations attacked.
The one word of Fauci, cooperation by the CDC and the FDA without realistically reviewing the options, funded by big Pharma, The Gates Foundation, influenced unnecessarily by the fraudulent World Health Organization which unfortunately the United States Government had been heavily funding along with the Red Chinese and guess who, the Gates foundation.

By the way, has Fauci even seen a patient?  When was the last time he did?  He seems to be a professional paper pusher.

Through those misguided individuals,  countries, including most of the United States shut down and tried to hide.  This hiding has caused a major delay in allowing nature to do its thing and allow the immune system of bodies.  The delay has allowed this to weaken society.  Alleged vaccines that are not vaccines were touted as the path to normality. But the normality did not come.  Simply put, the alleged vaccines did not work.

This nifty little thing call the Omicron variant comes along and thumbs its nose at the alleged vaccines that are not vaccines.  It also has symptoms for most of either a bad cold or the feeling after you have a night of binge adult beverage drinking. This causes the lock down group to say let’s lock it up again.  Australia has gone berserk in stupidity,  Same with New Zealand, France, England, Germany, Austria. All going nuts with shutting people down.

Included in that lock down grouping is the 14th district in New York.  As part of the city of New York the 14th district is major league locked down.  Masks, vaccine not a vaccine passport, dominate and keep you out if you do not have.
So what is a person to do?  AOC decided Florida.  And the Alleged Virus got her.  

So where is all the shit facing of AOC that Trump got?  That Joe Rogan got?  Why is the mainstream media not asking what treatment she is using?  Why is the mainstream media not shitting over AOC for not wearing her mask?  Why is she not getting shamed for not going back home?

Why? She is a socialist, that’s why.  Expect nothing less from this mainstream media.

From my heart though, AOC, get better.  Then come to the Cedar Rapids and visit the Slovak museum with me and we will discuss this socialism crap.

And no, while you do have some physically attractive female physical features, I do not want to sleep with you.

The Jab is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy at best.

Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself!

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