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097 Ethanol has value

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097 Ethanol Has Value

097 Ethanol Has Value

Trump did it first and believe it or not the Corpse continued it (somewhat surprising as it takes away from his getting energy from other countries). Allow for year round use of E15
Back in the mid seventies when E10, we called it Gasohol back then, came about there were some problems.  Many carburetors  had rubber parts which harden then disintegrate causing cars to just plain not run.  That has since been remedied and the E10 has been used for years without those problems.

E15 was introduced in 2012.  I remember the Rochelle Illinois radio station do a remote from the Petro Truck stop for promotion soon there after. It is another fueling choice to use.  You do not have to but many will choose to use.

My two vehicles are not on the approved list.  They say E15 is safe to use on vehicles 2001 and after.  I have an 1985 cargo can and a 2000 Honda Insight.  I have used E15 in the Insight once as that is all the gas station had.  I was not sure if it made a difference.  I do question the difference in the engine between the 2000 and the 2001 Honda Insights. I cannot find this information online. My Insight has over 200,000 miles on it.  I’ll use E10 for a while until I find out if there was no difference between the engines.

I know someone using it in their 1995 vehicle with no problems.

It is just another choice in fueling.  Maybe the Corpse did do something right?

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