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036 disposable labor

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I must admit, I have only read about the great depression.  I lived through the Carter mess. I lived through a Bush slowdown.  This recession is starting to remind me of professional sports teams.  If an employee does not work out, then just cut them.  Hire someone else, let them guess what you want then if they don't figure it out, fire them.  Have to many employees in one department and an opening in another, don't give them surplus employees a chance to learn the other job, just throw them out.  When we get out of this recession, this is one part that I would really like to see disappear.  I once created a computer programming staff with surplus employees from other departments in a company.  the company invested half, and the employees contributed half.  All won.  As this current trend has been going,  NO ONE HAS WON.  NO ONE WINS! Trust me, the hatred and animosity is not a positive for a company's image. All of the United Ways, Blood Drives, Corporate Contributions do nothing when former employees become visible to the public.

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