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067 budget proposal 122013

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Yes indeed, another ten year plan.  How many congresses will be elected before the cuts take affect?  Now, don't get me wrong.  We cannot just drop the ax.. well maybe we could.  We haven't tried it yet.  It just does not seem to go far enough.  
Conservative voices want to see more cuts in social programs.  Liberal voices want more defense cuts.  As a child growing up in the 1960’s when there was a standard for our money, it seems more caution was taken when it came to the government spending our money.  It was deemed that something be gained in return for government investment.  Guess what, we went to the moon.  Many of the products that came from the space program benefited consumers in a positive way.  
But we lost focus with our military.  It goes starting with the Korean conflict then escalated with Viet Nam.  No longer was the enemy a person or group of people that were bad guys.  The enemy was an ideology.  We had to stop the spread of communism.  So evil was communism that we had the cold war and two military conflicts.  Lives were lost.  families destroyed.  A wall had been erected.  Eventually the main premise of communism fell.  The wall collapsed under the weight of those wanting at least a bit of freedom.
The premise of everything communistic was the five and ten year plan.  That is what the current budget is set as.  It does not seem to be the wish of two many in whole but has parts that some like a little and that seems to be enough to have it pass.
Congress needs to take a look at scrapping all that goes on in government and say this is what we are defining the roll of our government.  It must be done in a way that we can pay for it, that we do not bankrupt the general populace,  
The purpose of the Military must be restated.  Are we a food service or will we protect our country.  Regarding energy and natural resources, should we do everything we can to be self sufficient or do we want to create products that require us to put our military in cause way just to get the resources for the products.
We must define what “Green” really is.  What good is saying everyone will be driving electric cars if there are not enough power plants to generate the electricity to charge the batteries?  What good is a     Hybrid if you have to get battery material from Bolivia and they hate our guts?
This budget deal is just that, a deal to keep the basics of the status quo in place.  Same lobbyist results, same spending more than we have.  Same borrowing from the Chinese communists who act enough like capitalists until it is time to let all of their people become capitalists and free thinkers and people, not just a labor supply.
This budget needs to really be scrutinized.

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