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074 Harold Ramis

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Over the years I had enjoyed movies such as Stripes and the two Ghostbuster movies.  Harold Ramis was am impressive actor in both of those,  But as most who watch movies I did not look too closely at the closing credits or the intro to the movies to really get his full impact until later in life.  In fact it was when they showed the anniversary show for Animal House did I start looking at his career.

As a writer and director his contributions were vast.  Animal House is in my top three all time movies.  His grasp of society and his ability to sneak in the humor to make fun of it was priceless.

I chose this concept to do my tribute to Harold Ramis as it was Stripes when I first noticed him as an actor.  You don't notice the writer or director who then acts, you notice the actor that then writes and directs.  He had a number of good ones.

I tip my creative glass in memory of Harold Ramis!

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