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030 i thought it worked

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You would think by now this should have happened earlier.  Actually, this fits with every web site I had worked with that had to do with governmental entities.  I remember a variety of school grade and tracking web sites from my Tech Coordinator years at a school district.  Teachers all tried to get on at 3:15 pm.  All had terrible experiences due to lack of bandwidth and other programming issues.  The sits worked well at 3 am.  Of course, would it be any other way?

Now the Obama administration is bring in  the best techices they can find.  I thought they would have done that in the first place with all of the money spend on this mess.  I guess our software developer here thought she was the best of the best.  Even

Microsoft takes a minimum of 3 tries... not including dead horses in between such as Vista, ME, Xenix, etc!

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