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105 Howard Drew Insane

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105 Howard Drew Insane

105 Howard Drew Insane

Howard Stern decides to work on a Friday.  He interviews the corpse, Joe Biden, the president alleged. What transpired were two old farts, the younger old fart, gushing over the elder old fart.  This observation from a eventually going to be an old fart.

I confess, I have not paid attention to Howard Stern for years.  He was briefly on a Quad Cities Iowa-Illinois radio station over twenty years ago.  He was gone as fast as he came.  Later I started doing part time radio a little into Stern's career. He did some ground breaking things. But now, the interview was horrendous.  Rehashed information of the Biden family first wife and daughter disaster. I have compassion, but don't hold that over me to think you are totally good.  It is great that your family helped out, but many families in this country help out.  Corpse, you are not unique.

Stern tries to paint the corpse as a fatherly type of guy. Stern tries to say that the corpse is the "father of the country", that the country needs a father.  Sorry, there is only one "Father of the country", which has been agreed upon by history as George Washington.

His family promoted a way of dealing with conflict when growing up that would get kids suspended from school in the era of zero tolerance. Sure, we have differences of opinion, but it seems that every example the corpse gave of his family's handling situations of potential conflict was the use of violence.  (Maybe this explains all of the military action going on today, unlike 2017 to 2020).  For now I will avoid all of the published stories about lewd and incompetent  Child rearing actions including sending his drug addicted son out to fleece foreign entities for family cash with no product other than influence.

The corpse said he did not take law school seriously and tried to bullshit his professors.  He did not buy his books until halfway through the semester.  No reason other than being an incompetent was given for this situation.  He talked about having work for a prestigious law firm doing criminal defense, then decided to become a public defender. He does not state the difference between being a private defender and a public defender. Public defenders are not case winners by trade.  Private criminal attorneys are expected to win or get the best deal possible.  So the copse hides in pubic defense.

Fifty minutes into the interview still not talk of current events.  Perhaps it is because Stern was a complete kiss ass repeating the lies of the corpse record.  Stern says January 6 a cop died.  No, that came later due to existing physical problems.  The only one who died on January 6 2021 was Ashley Babbitt.  Stern says that Trump says the corpse wins there will be a bloodbath. Wrong Stern, Trump said the auto industry will face a bloodbath if the corpse wins and shoves all that EV crap down our throats.  Stern states employment is up and unemployment is down.  It has been documented by many sources that the employment situation was coming back from the virus crap.

Stern continues to gush with the Jab talk.  Howard, the science is coming out and you were played.  The Jab's are nothing that they were advertised as and there are lawsuits coming in areas that permit it.  Howard, you were an F-ing wimp when it came to the virus.  You promoted false fear.  You hid.  You tried to make those of us who had a reason not inject experimental mRNA into our bodies without adequet testing.  Voluntary is one thing, force and having people lose their occupations and careers is another.

Stern then rips the alternate and citizen media.  He says news needs to be filtered.  Where does that fit with the first amendment? You want me to shut up?  I don't make millions saying what others want me to say, I question and look for truth.

Stern did not bother to ask about all of the wars, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Foreign leaders throwing shit at us, lobbing bombs close to sovereign nations, failing at the economic controls needed for Red China, and you are not doing anything to stand up for the sovereignty of the United States.  In fact, you are ready to give control of the country to the WHO, an international terrorist group and cede control to the United Nations.

Stern gushed about the inflation being allegedly only 3 per cent while real numbers are higher.  $5 oatmeal, beef all over $10, gas still over $3 in Iowa not to mention almost $4 in Illinois and closing in on $5 in California. Stern is so far removed from reality that all he could do is kiss up.

And Howard, why the suit?  Pretentious at best.

Drew Barrymore was not to be outdone.  She interviews Kamala Harris. Talking OK, innocent talk about about having step daughters, ok, the called Harris Momala. Who cares.  But then Barrymore decides to say the country needs a Momala.  Even Harris was thrown for a loop.  Harris hasn't finished any of the projects she was given.  No Barrymore, we do not need a Momma or Momala, the country needs competence which has been missing or maybe it is the intention of Obama 3.0 to destroy this country.


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