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Various Democrat Governors and Mayors

Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus other wise known as
Various Democrat Governors and Mayors
As I have been following the United States reaction to the Covid-19 virus situation I have learned some very shocking details about American society. Many United States Citizens do not fully understand the structure of their governments. That is correct, I say governments.

Depending on where you are in the country you have various forms of governments. From the bottom up, and not everyone has them all, you have your neighborhood housing associations or renters councils, you have city, road, ditch, and culvert districts, school districts, hospital districts, water and sewer districts, community college districts, garbage districts, judicial districts, township, county, state, then finally the federal government. Each level of government controls certain functions.

We learned with the Flint Michigan Water fiasco that the City of Flint Michigan was also the controller of the water district. They screwed up. They made a decision to use a water supply that had a different chemical makeup to find out that their ancient lead pipes which by this time should have been coated with all sorts of natural protectorates was now leaching its lead into the water supply. Instead of the City of Flint dealing with the problem, the tried to hide it. Then the citizens and the city tried to go up the ladder of government to get someone else to pay for it. To the Governor first then to the Federal level. The mayor was a Democrat.

During this situation, if we bridge away from the mainstream media, we learn that such things as hospitals and medical facilities are controlled by various levels of government but that the state governments are the top level.  They are the ones that rate, classify and license. State governments are also supposed to plan for disaster and pandemic situations.
We find out that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo seems to have made some decisions that has put his state at risk.  His state had plenty of money to stock up on various medical supplies over the years.  However the money was spent on failed green industrial projects and committees to do nothing. And he told nursing homes to take on Covid-19 Virus patients. What?

California governor Bavin Newsom seemed to try to inflate the numbers then had a change of heart. He tried closing beaches after finding out that the sun and heat smacks off the virus. What?

Illinois with a major number of cases around Chicago has Governor Pritzker closing down the state. He also bitches about Trump saying states cannot do things that the Federal Government can do.

Well Mr. Pritzker, if your fellow Democrats would quit screwing up Illinois and Chicago, maybe you could.

Jay Inslee in Washington State.  They may have a handle on it, but again, Democrats in charge.

Tom Wolf in Pensylvania. Couldn't be outdone by Governor Cuomo and put Covid-19 patinets into Nursing homes.

Perhaps this coincidence is why I am very skeptical of certain things. The Red Chinese government is not up front with this virus thing.  You still cannot trust the numbers and there is no free press in Red China.

Democrats say Trump did not act fast enough.  But while Trump cuts off travelers from Red China, Democrats are telling the populace to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Democrat states.

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