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106 Fooled You!

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There are two things that masks do that may be considered positive. 1. It hides the facial identity of criminals including Antifa and BLM rabble rousers amd 2. When Biden, Harris, Pritzker, Newsome, Lightfoot, Wittmer et.al. Speak, it keeps their crap on their face and spewed all over the media and patrons in front of them.

The paper and cloth masks do nothing to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.  Strong developing immune systems and healthy bodies mixed with treatments will keep the malady in check. If a person has the symptoms of the malady, treatments are available.

The problem we have is people with financial interests, Fauci and Gates et al, people politicizing to gain power when their message is Marxist and criminal is unpopular and discusting.

You thought the alleged vaccine for the alleged virus was going to get you back to normal life?  That is what the PSA’s are saying. That is what the corpse in the White House said… when it was convenient and his handlers told him.

The basics of the maladies including viruses works this way.  The body receives the driving factor of the malady. The body then processes the intruder. The immune system then processes the intruder.  The system decides which defense is necessary.  The defense is supplied.  On occasion the defense system needs more.  This is where the physician comes in and prescribes a remedy which may or may not work.  Some maladies which are first encountered require research and experimentation to find the remedy.  Some maladies are never completely remedied, but are containable.

Editorialpinups.com has talked about those trying to keep the discussion squashed. Bureaucrats that have continued to have paychecks while killing small business and other peoples dreams are celebrated and forcing discussion to silence.

The alleged vaccine (jab) has what purpose?  To keep you from getting the alleged virus. That was how they were selling it.  Until people who got the jab have been getting the alleged virus.  Listen to what the corpse and the CDC are saying now.  The jab will give you a lesser case of the virus.

The CDC and the little piss dictator Fauci have been so inconsistent that they have no credibility.  Add to that Facebook YouTube and Twitter pulled scientific discussion…

We will get back to normal when we the people say no.  We will live our lives with the risk of waking up.  This is not to be reckless.  Not at all.  Good nutrition, good supplement choices, avoid indulgence.  Enjoy life. Work hard and smart.  Be happy.


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