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I was once told by a good friend, don't take on the Clintons.  You have no idea with whom you are dealing.

At a time when many consider retirement, Donald J. Trump, the ultimate middle kid, takes on the Clintons.  Mr. Trump had a simle but strong message; "Make America Great Again".

Mr. Trump, unlike many other rich people makes his money pretty much in the United States.  If United States citizens make money, they buy Trump products.  As a rule, Mr. Trump has products that you can see.  He has started to see manypeople no longer affording many of his products.  He saw many things wrong.

This is contrary to many of the one worlders of which the Clintons are. One worlders need to have the borders fall. They need an active slave class. They need to hoard, not expand. They embrace socialism and communism. They disrespect the little guy but promise dangling carrots. They are a ruling class, opposite of what our founding fathers wanted.

So the minute Donald Trump wins the electoral vote, the one worlders through the Democratic party and the main stream media are ready begin the attempt to remove the results of the election dealing with what had become a poorly educated liberal spectrum side of the electorate.  

So they say the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign. NO evidence. They said Trump obstructed the investigation. No evidence. Then they say he tried to bribe a foreign country, Quid Pro Quo, based upon a phone call.

A whistle blower says he heard from a heard from a heard about the phone call. He did not hear the phone call. So Mr. Trump releases the transcripts of the phone call. No demands, a suggestion to track a Quid Pro Quo of a former Vice President.

Adam Schiff says the identity of the Whistle blower must be protected.  But all the Whistle Blower rules apply to is that the Whistle Blower cannot lose their job when blowing the whistle. Nothing says that the whistle blower hides from the court. In our country you are allowed to face your accuser.

To take on Mr. Schiff, a pawn of the one worlders, is obviously dangerous. We must protect our model for this pinup. It is not safe for the two styles of models used in the past, attractive women and cute dogs.

To protect the identity of the model in this pinup, we have painted it black in front of the model then laid down the words. We must protect the model.

Adam Schiff, once you are used up, the one worlders will hang you out to dry.

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