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102 Fauci Fraud

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For the last year career bureaucrat there has been more waffling by Anthony Fauci than your local Waffle House. After the initial five interviews of this guy last year it is now proven by emails that one or more of the following are in order.

1. Fauci is in over his head.  With his past actions on Ebola and HIV, this is believable.  The news stories are out there.

2. He likes his job so much that he hoodwinks elected politicians and gets away with it.  I know 60 is the new 40 and our ability to do things into our older aging process is somewhat improved.  However, watching this clown for the last year, he should have hung it up after he screwed up HIV.

3. He felt then President Trump was a threat to his bureaucracy.  Trump had reorganized medical response and eliminated most of the pandemic response team.  After all, what the heck was the CDC doing?  The National Institute of Health?  In other words, Trump in cleaning the swamp started by dumping duplication.  And when one swamp dweller goes more are to follow.

4. How many patients did Fauci see? Yet, this clown shut down sharing and publication of medical results from real doctors, ones on the street in the battle of the day.  Ones that had cure results. He kept pressing for vaccination.  How many viruses have a vaccination?  None.  And now we have alleged vaccines that are not vaccines of the traditional sense, but RNA modifiers.  And no, it is not approved, it is allowed for emergency use. And reports are that Faucio has major financial interests in the vaccine process for this alleged virus.

  We have always done cure first then it could be determined if a vaccine was even possible.  Why was Fauci so persistent in the vaccine answer?  As the late Rush Limbaugh always said, follow the money.   

5. Fauci is in bed with the Red Chinese.  Gain of Function research.  Good gosh, Obama put a halt to this crap.  So somehow Fauci grabs cash from Americans through some type of budgetary process and routes it to the Wuhan Lab for Gain of Function research.  Gain of Function, modifying a bad thing to make it worse so you can fix it.  Holy sickness Batman!  Too bad Adam west is no longer with us, we have a new criminal to be caught in Gotham City.

6. The lock down.  Flatten the curve.  Two weeks. Over a year later and New York, California and Illinois are still not fully opened.  Small business forced to close.  Couldn’t get a haircut. People told to stay home.  Gyms closed. People gaining weight. Alcohol yes, church no. abortions yes, cancer treatments no. Can’t give Grandma a hug.  I’ll say this, this editor’s mom dies and they wanted to give her a Covid test at the home.  If they came anywhere near her with the swab thing, their arm was going to be broken. It was more important to them than the fact she for nine months could not hug her great granddaughter, her daughter, her sons.  That she could not give her second husband the funeral she promised him.

   Speaking of testing, athletes were the most tested in the country.  Listening to LeBron James this last year, I think they too the swap and hit and removed white matter.  Those who tested positive had quick recoveries for the most part.  It seems that the elderly and the obese couch potatoes were most at risk.  So they close gyms, get you out of the sun, and that is supposed to keep you healthy? An0maly got this one right!

7. The Damn Mask.  So Mr. Waffle Fauci  first says no mask, then yes to the mask. You know, inside the lab they looked like John Travolta in “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”.  So that Chinese paper with string is suppose to prevent stuff from passing through?  The nice mask that my wife made from my old dress shirt is supposed to keep this virus out?

  Then President Trump got his ass reamed by the media and the corpse (Biden for you newbies here) for not wearing a mask.  So Trump starts wearing a mask then catches the alleged virus.  I asked a medical person, can the mask be laced with the virus and when yo put it on you catch it.  The answer was the affirmative.  Good situation for the corpse, one presidential debate got canceled.

  I will say this now with utmost confidence.  Masks did not do squat.  People wearing these masks.  Still getting the alleged virus.  Masks that were the uniform of BLM and Antifa insurgents. Ill fitting masks causing people wearing them to go to their mouth more than Gaylord Perry ever did in a nine inning game.  And did you notice how bad people were driving when they were alone in the care with their mask on?

  Then the dope Fauci comes up with this wear two masks. So then people start joking about this.  More is better?  Glenn Beck then does a show segment where he says how about ten masks.  After all, masks come in boxes of twenty-five, why not twenty five masks.  So Beck and Stu Burguiere do a segment.  I remember Beck getting ten masks on and saying my ears hurt.

 So, ten masks.  Look quick and you will see where you can place ten masks on a person and have the masks protect something.



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