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Understanding the difference!               

This Stupid Virus                 

This stupid virus had caused us to social distance.  I had decided to put model shoots for on hold during this period. I had put the cash in the bank then started up.  Check out the site and you will see what I do.

During that time I have decided to write my thoughts on the pandemic issue and how it is happening, inclujding the destruction of the economy.

Watch for more to come!

No one is exempt!
This is
Where items in life are explained through the mixture of pinup portraiture and editorial cartooning concepts. The views on this site are the accumulation of goofiness created by Society, Politicians, Logic Defying Individuals, Situational Hacks, Money Grubbing Bureaucrats, and a Variety of Others!  You may agree, disagree, feel offended, think there is too much raciness, but the total of those combinations are designed to catch your attention and make a message to drive home a point.

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