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The Model Makers, What are they trying to Model?

Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus other wise known as
The Model Makers, What are they trying to Model?

What is the real purpose of all of the “Modeling” that has been done to make decisions on the Corona Virus, Covid-19?  Also, who are these modelers?  And what is t he data that they are using?

From the beginning of the Trump administration President Trump has been gracious to use people who where in place.  Numerous times he has been screwed by this.  Leakers giving out reports of what allegedly is going on.  Professional policy makers who disagree with Trump and have tried to accuse him of incompetence and irregularities. Entrenched government employees who align with the opposition.

So these Modelers are presenting modeling information with the purpose of telling the president and other civic leaders what they must to to protect people, keep them from getting the virus and to keep them from dying. Admirable goals.

However, they are only including the virus. The modeling formula is not including so many other things.  At this point the modeling is highly over estimating and the results are much lower. The modelers are of course blaming this on lack of tests.  Their thought is to have everyone come in and take a test.

But the actual numbers are coming in lower.  People are healing.  Yes, some are dying.  But in looking at the numbers of other maladies it is not close.

We also find out that in the United States the numbers are purposely inaccurate.  Example, someone with heart and lung problems with a susceptibility to catching pneumonia who die of those other causes are after the fact being tested for the Corona Virus.  If it is found to be in them, the cause of death is being labeled Corona Virus. That is, in the United States, death by other causes is listed as death by Corona Virus.

President Trump is trying to do the right thing.  He has the confidence that even though the economy has been stopped near about dead, it can be restarted. He had a thought.  If the government tells you not to work, they will pay you not to work.  If the government shuts down your business type, the government will help you keep the business in a shape to be able to restart.  This is actually logical.

However, the pork mongeringers in Congress to that good thought then did their usual bullshit.  Loading with pork.  25 Million for the Kennedy center.  And more.  Just look it up.  Things that don’t get passed on their own. And it is both sides, it is just the Democrats are more blatant.

The use of modeling gives thought, but it is not God.  In fact, so much modeling is incessantly incorrect.  Weather forecasts, the creation of rosters for sports teams, anything government.

Call it nature.  Call it God. Call it unpredictability.  Call it decision tree process by the combined of the factors.

But to close down society?  Keep in mind.  No matter what president Trump would do the media and the left will say it is wrong.  

Let’s take the common sense things we have been doing, and lets set a date to open the country again.

Since the models have been wrong, Easter works for me.

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