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Apple has put out a variety of consumer products that have crept their way into the corporate world.  Now I won't go on and on that I see the purpose of an IPAD and IPHONE is to suck money out of your credit or debit card...but it must be as they require you to have an ITunes account with a credit or debit card.  But let's look into how they are made.  Much of the manufacture comes from a company called Foxconn.  The company has had chemical deaths caused by reasons that would never be allowed in manufacturing in the United States, much less be thought to be used by the choice of American manufacturing management.  They have deaths from suicide which has caused the company to add nets throughout the plant to catch employees jumping.  What kind of work environment should even have a need to include that.  I have also have read that employees live in "company dormitories".  Sounds like the Southern Plantation if you ask me. They do not get paid enough to by the product that they make.  As someone said, such a technical product made in such an old fashion way.  Has Tim Cook put his life on the line or lived in a company dormitory for this purpose?  Not to mention that the IPADS is a lousy business tool for most applications.

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