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072 January 6

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The plausibility factor. Think about it. A guy barely leaves his basement, espouses racist statements when he does talk, lies through his teeth, cannot talk to the public with any great skill and time management, is feeble, bought and paid for by the enemy, and incompetent.
2021, not even Carter could screw up this bad.

And two more notes. We need to continue on the investigations and trials of theelection night activities.  The numbers tdo not add up.  The procedures do not add  up.  The abend in five states does not add up.

Then we need to do a complete investigation January 6, 2021 and of Pelosi, Schumer, FBI, Schiff, Nadler, Bustos...  This was a plan by those who wanted Trump out of office.  Follow the time and activity timeline.  Anything else is not plausible.

Check out the gallery to understand understand the sequence of events and summary thoughts.

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