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133 The Four Standing

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133 The Four Standing

133 The Four Standing
The last of the Republican Debates prior to the start of caucuses and primary votes occurred.  Each of the four candidates do a better job than the corpse.  There is no real doubt of how the corpse has been manipulated on his watch.The Chinese Money, The Ukrainian monies.  The military industrial complex. The greenie weenies.

During the primary and caucus season it would be nice for the news media to just take a short moment and broadcast the results and not try to manipulate the results.  The pundits they are cheer leading.   

Here is my thoughts on the remaining four.

Nikki Haley - I have tremendous concerns about her foreign policy knowledge and experience.  We had no wars when Trump was president.  He did not have a foreign policy background and he was loud. There is concern that Haley who has worked in the defence industry after being in the UN for a cup of coffee.  In tonight's debate she cocooned when the confrontations got hot. This is a red flag.  But all along I have felt she was too prerecorded.

Vivek Ramaswamy - A very energetic and knowledgeable guy. He has many good policy ideas.  He is also very careful in his definition in use of the Military.  He seems to have a good business sense and seems to be well researched.  He has found the avenue in which to clean up the administrative state.

Ron DeSantis - Has proven to be a very good governor of a state that like Iowa and South Dakota did not stay locked down for an extended period of time during the Virus.  He has proven to be a quality administrator. His foreign policy seems to be thoughtful which may be a product of his serving in the military.  If elected president, he would be the first president since the first George Bush to have military experience.

Chris Christie - We know by him that he has experience in many areas.  An OK governor that had some goofy things happen in his tenure. We learned from him that being a governor running for president when a hurricane hits your state, you have to work with the current presidential administration. Just don't say it too loud or your opponents will turn it into a negative sound bite.

In the world of Democrat identity politics, we have two first generation Children of legal immigrants.  This is as The United States is.

It is now time for the voters.  I just ask that the media report and not try to manipulate. I keep hearing this crap that only Haley and DeSantis should have been on the stage tonight.  I will say wrong.  All four made a good exchange and it was evident that if Trump does not win, there is a good B Team available!

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