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119 MTG Divorce is not the answer

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119 MTG Divorce is Not the Answer

                                119 Divorce is Not the Answer
Marjorie Taylor Greene has suggested that there be a divorce between the Red and Blue states.  I can accept her having this thought as in her personal life she has now experienced divorce first hand.

In my youth divorce was taken quite seriously. Termination of a marriage would have major side effects.  Children would have their lives disrupted. After the split no longer would they have easy access to both parents.  Couples who once loved each other had to learn how to tolerate each other. Re‑coupling would cause for increased and many times unnecessary competition for the children's spirit. Many times there is a breach of fiduciary responsibilities.

Divorce also means losing.  Marriage while not a contest or a game is a process where in the positive world both parties do not lose. There are discussions, responsibilities, spirit, interaction, and patience.  These elements are necessary for cohesive interaction.

Looking at the two parties in the United States, we are seeing the beginning of the breakdowns of these elements.  Divorce says they cannot be fixed. Divorce and go on with a new life.  But is the new life any better? In this case I would say not.

It is necessary for the competing elements to remember why they are there.  We have citizen legislators. However, the system has been bastardized that many of the citizen legislators do not go back to what they were ding before they got there.  The names are on both side of the aisle. This needs to be fixed.

Taking a look at the last governors election in Illinois, the fat assed dictator won again. But if ou look at the state map by color he did not win the whole population.  In fact, get outside a few counties he loses. It is educating those few counties that will take hard work, unfortunately a few dollars.  It is possible.  Reagan got elected and won all but Minnesota and Washington DC.  Minnesota because one of their own was running, and DC because its voters should be distributed to the surrounding states as Washington DC was never envisioned to be a town where people lived permanently.

Success can happen. Divorce is not the answer.

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