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105 NEA Bad

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This will be short and sweet.

Parents have seen through Critical Race Theory.  They are going to their local school boards to say as much.

Parents do not want to send their children to school to have the children taught to hate each other based upon their skin color.  These parents are of the generations that were taught to embrace the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, and I add that Dr. King taught us right, that we judge people on the content of their character.  That is what the parents want taught.  Dr. King new how to unify.

Critical Race Theory is Marxist and divisive.  It is pushed by those who have a profit motive for themselves but the results put everyone else down.  Wait, trying to use capitalism to force pain on others.

It is known that in education the big bucks are in publishing text books and curriculum. It is the only way to make money in education while you sleep.  When teachers get tiered of teaching things that work, they come up with a theory to do it differently and make text books and curriculums then shove it down the throats of school administrators and school boards.

Look say reading and whole language in place of phonics, D'Nealian printing, the new math, Outcome Based Education to name a few.  

Now, the legality of teaching in some states as legislatures have passed laws and Governors have signed make this illegal.  I am not sure of the penalties yet, but NEA you are on record of wanting to shove this down the students throats but you in many states have to break the law to do it.

You break the law, how do you expect to have your students behave in your classroom?


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