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Who determines the content?
The edpins editor, myself.  I look at what is  happening in the world, country, state, county. cities.  I then create  the message then hire the model to do the pinup.

Are Models paid?
Yes, models are either paid in cash or they can trade modeling time for portfolio work.

Do the models agree with the message?
Some do, some don't.  They all agree though that they  are published.   This is an advantage to the model as they are on a  site that has purpose.  Editorial-pinups.com is a site that has fine  art, pinup portraiture, and a message!

What are the requirements for the model?
Up to now models are female.  They are also over the  age of 18.  This is the legal age to sign a contract.  Also, since some  pinups hit the Maxim Magazine style of portraiture, the 18 year old  requirement.

I am a guy and wish to model for editorial-pinups.com.  Can I?
I am on the verge of having messages that will require male models.

How do I contact you regarding modeling?
Either through email by Contacting the editorial pinup and Glamour/Boudoir artist or you may call me at 309-277-0861.

Are prints available for Purchase?
Yes.  Selection and purchase available through PayPal.

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