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008 goodbye Bester Brothers

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I moved to Geneseo in 1995.  The first place we saw when coming in town was the Deck Plaza motel, restaurant, and gas and service station.  Many times my parents would stay at the Deck Motel.  The kids would swim in the pool, we would have dinner there, and also have brunches and late night snacks.  Little did we understand the controversy behind the ownership.  It was curious that there was not much else in development, three out of business gas station locations, just the Deck, Hardees and Subway, KFC and one of the old gas stops was an antique mall.  No completing service stations, motels, etc.  Well, it seems that the Bestor Brothers through shrewd business deals cornered the corner per se. I was amazed that the city of Geneseo would not extend the sewer lines south of the Interstate due to the land owners.  I was even amazed at how many of the towns folks reviled the Bestor Brothers! When at last the Bestor Brothers died they had planned to auction off the properties.  Schedule date was October 2011.   Unfortunately 911 occurred and the auction was delayed to 2012.  Right after the auction, the Geneseo City Council announced plans to extend the water and sewer lines.  Becks totally changed the service station, Subway moved, they tried to run the Deck Motel and Restaurant, but eventually it succumbed.  It would be a boring picture and tribute without the help of Briella!

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