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032 where did the 2500 go

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The reports are starting to come in.  The Heritage Foundation is reporting only two states where rates on the average are going down.  However, the largest part of the reporting is that rates are not only going up, but skyrocketing in many cases.  Also, a bad web site is causing many to not know if they have a policy or if not, and in some cases, they all of a sudden have multiple policies.

Some have said that the goal of the Obama administration is to make it so bad that people will clamor for a single payer system.  Others say it is just plain incompetence.  Others say that it is the hate for the American way that this country have had its prosperity that the administration is doing this out of spite.  

If I say I think it is either a combination then I am called racist.

None the less, this is what is happening and thank goodness for Ted Cruz and company forcing the issue!

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