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Bernie Sanders and his Utopia

Logic and the Chinese Wuhan Virus other wise known as
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders. Here is a guy who got screwed by the DNC in 2016 but was paid handsomely. He needs an issue to be able to try to overtake this years DNC “I don’t want you attitude.”  This year the DNC doesn't want Bernie again.  

But given a good medical crisis, you get to tout “Medicare for All” as a solution.

We can look at the pandemic lock-down as a vision to Bernie Sanders America.  The government dictates to the populace what businesses can exist and which ones cannot. That government can tell you how to dress to go into businesses and can prosecute you if you disobey.

A look into grocery stores that have had key necessity items be in short supply.  The government not letting the market determine the price.

A look into paying people not to work an amount that is a tease for some and an insult for others.  Paying people not to work because the government took away their livelihood.

A look into telling people that they are not essential.  That what the services they perform are not important. Telling a cancer surgeon that he or she cannot operate and treat cancer. Telling heart doctors and nurses that their life saving procedures can be held off. Stating that a knee or hip replacement is not necessary. Take a few pills and the pain will go away, or you look good in the wheelchair. Government telling hospitals what they can and can’t do.   

A look at creating an uneducated society, not all but for those who do not have the resources to take over when the schools are closed. Giving us an insight into those that have and those that have not cutting off their way to escape the have not.

An attempt to take religion away from the populace. Sorry, it looks like the churches figured out technology to keep people together.

An attempt at censorship.  Have an opinion different from the WHO and Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx? You are off You tube.  Facebook will try to pull you and not let you post.  Try to organize a peaceful protest? You are gone.

This is a bit of a look into Bernie’s utopia.

I’ll pass.

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