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099 The Constitution Says How

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The Constitution Says How

099 The Constitution Says How

The Federal Government has a problem.  The three branches of government cannot seem to pass the proper appropriation bills properly.  For years they a content to pass continuing resolutions which are not proper budget bills and not proper budgeting is done.

Kevin McCarthy wanted so bad to be Speaker of the House, that he agreed to a one representative vote again to keep your job rule.

Matthew Louis Gaetz II spoke out.  A vote occurred, and eight republicans and the whole bunch of Democrats voted McCarthy out.  Did Gaetz work with the Democrats?  No.  He wanted McCarthy out due to not keeping his promises.  Understand, when the vote for Speaker of the House is taken, the complete chamber votes.  Prior to that vote, the Republicans and Democrats hold meetings by themselves to agree upon who they would vote for unanimously.  They then meet as the whole chamber and do the official vote.  It is this vote that the Democrats joined the eight Republicans to give the boot to McCarthy.

Forget the House and Senate leaders talking with the President before the house even starts working on the appropriations.  Whoever is speaker, let's return to the real process as defined in the Constitution.  The House of Representatives passes the appropriations bills.  The bills then go to the senate for debate, amendment and passage. The bills go back to the house for amendment approval.  Then to the Senate, the loop happens until both chambers agree.  The bills then go to the desk of the president.  If the president says s yes with signature, it is law.  If he says no, then veto, and it goes to the house for a 2/3 approval vote or start over.This is to be done each year at a designated time.  This method as defined by the writers of the Constitution, was made for accountability.  What accountability do we have with continuing resolution?  No one really knows what is in the bill!

Screw this power crap.  The Constitution says how it is to work!

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